Flutter hybrid development playing Android client

This project is developed using the API provided by WanAndroid, and adopts the MVP architecture. The project uses a combination of Flutter and native development to implement some functions, such as registration and login. Excellent open-source frameworks used in the project include Dagger2, Retrofit, RxJava2, etc. The project has been fully migrated to androidx. Due to limited experience in developing common apps in daily work, this project is developed during business hours as a practice project. If you happen to need a complete project for practice, this one is definitely suitable for you.

Since this project was built early, the dependency injection framework Dagger2 has not been replaced with the more user-friendly Hilt. Hilt and the recently popular declarative UI writing method Compose are also components of the Jetpack series. Considering the large amount of work required for replacement, it will be continuously iterated in new branches in the future. Stay tuned for updates. The project address is as follows:

Implemented Features

  • Login and registration
  • Home articles
  • Project categories
  • Knowledge system
  • Article details
  • Bookmark function
  • Point information
  • My sharing
  • App upgrade
  • To be continued

Please report bugs on issue for timely fixes.

Project Demo

If the screenshots are not clear, it is recommended to view: Introduction to WanAndroid Open Source Client.


APK Download Experience

Download link: JzmanWanAndroid-1.0-release.apk


Future Plans

As a practice project, it is necessary to introduce new technologies and keep up with the latest technology and reflect it in the project. In addition, new modules will be added and display details will be optimized. For example, the current version has optimized the display of articles from Jian Shu, and the display of articles from other niche sites is still pending optimization. The following modules will be completed irregularly in the future:

  • Article search
  • Interview topics
  • Daily questions
  • Reading history
  • Dark theme
  • And more...

I haven't been very productive recently, so I'll find an excuse to comfort myself and attribute it to the adjustment period after the New Year. I hope to come back in full swing and continue to work hard. Welcome to star.

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